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American Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar

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Indigenous to the Missouri and Mississippi river areas, American sand sturgeons (also known as hackleback, shovelnose or switchtail) are faster growing than most other species, reaching about 38" at full maturity. Being harvested from the world's smallest sturgeon, this caviar is small and firm with all the characteristics and tastes of the classic wild sturgeon. The pronounced flavor and glistening black eggs with hints of emeralds and gold makes Hackleback our most popular domestic sturgeon caviar. 

The roe is dark, firm and has a very mild, subtle flavor. Being the only commercially fished sturgeon in the United States, shovelnose is the last American Wild caviar. A very nice, wild caught U.S. product. 

Hand packed and quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture


Caviar of American Shovelnose Sturgeon - Scaphirhynchus Platorynchuscaviarstar-hackleback-black-3-med.jpgClick here for videos and more information on the Shovelnose Sturgeon


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Olga Krone 25th Sep 2017


This caviar was very good, but I found it to have a bit of a fishy taste that the Paddlefish caviar doesn't have.

Mary Bryant 5th Jan 2017

Yall get 6 stars out of 5

So easy to order, very helpful and polite team that helped my when I called, everything was packaged beautifully and it's the best caviar, creme fraiche and belinis I have ever had. I will be ordering again soon and have told EVERYONE I know about this company. Awesome value.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Common Names:
Shovelnose Sturgeon, Sand Sturgeon, Hackelback, Switchtail
Scientific Name:
Scaphirhynchus Platorynchus
Sustainable, Wild Caught
Country of Origin:
Regular Product Price:
$24.00 - $375.00
Shelf Life:
4-6 weeks at 26° to 36° F
Egg Size:
Flavor Profile:
Sweet, Mild, Clean
Egg Color: