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Caviar Star bases its Sustainability practices on a simple principle – meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In terms of seafood, this means wild catching or farming seafood responsibly with the consideration for long-term health of the environment and the livelihoods of the people that depend upon the environment. Our sustainable caviar comes from responsibly managed fish farms that maintain healthy fish populations and ecosystems.

Caviar Star caviar is certified by the Scientific Authority at the US Fish & Wildlife Service and US FDA and follows a strict food safety HACCP program for quality and safety of all of its products. All of our caviar is hand packed & quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture.


The American white sturgeon is North America's largest fresh water fish. Idaho farm-raised sturgeon produces a highly regarded sustainable caviar that ranges in hue from steel gray to chocolate black with generous sized pearls. The flavor is clean on the palate with a pure clean finish. It's one of our favorites!

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(Makes 3/4 cup)LOBSTER OIL x 1/4 cupOLIVE OIL x 1/4 cup (EVO preferred)FRESH LEMON x 1 each, juicedFRESH GARLIC x 1 each mincedSALT & PEPPER TO TASTE (Espelette pepper is fabulous in this recipe)This recipe is divine! Serve it with soft butter lettuce, crispy romaine or tender mesclun green salads.  It is delicious with [...]

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 Nestled in the farthest south western region of France right on the Spanish boarder deep in the heart of Basque country under the mount Mondarraine is the picturesque village of Espelette. The village is known best for its chili peppers & those grown in this region even have an applleation controle for their authenticity. Espelette Pepper ground red [...]

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This appetizer is not only beautiful it’s really delicious! Italian style egg salad sets off with our smoky, snappy trout roe via buttery toast points and fresh dill. Perfect for spring cocktail parties and brunches, a great match with bubbly.Serves 8Smoked Trout Roe x 1ozButtered White or Brioche Toast Points x 24 piecesHard Boiled Egg Yolk x 3Olive Oil [...]

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This delicious Osetra caviar is farmed on the banks of the pristine waters of the Rio Negro River in Uruquay. The traditional molossol method of using little salt makes this caviar clean & bright. Its large firm eggs vary from dark brown to gray to golden. Its flavor is nutty & delicious with a creamy finish. This is a [...]

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SALMON ROE * USAWe source this delicious salmon roe from The People of the Salmon whose way of life is sustained by their connection to the water and the lands where their ancestors have fished for more than ten thousand years on the coast of the northern pacific. The tribe is a community of Coast [...]

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Our Unio Spanish Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive oil buttery, fruity and well balanced with a delicious apple flavor with a hint of artichoke. Unio has over 150 years of experience producing high quality olive oils and vinegars. Arequina olive oil its name from the village of Arbeca where it was first introduced to Europe from Palestine in the seventeenth [...]

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RECIPE - Balsamic Glaze & Ice Cream

Balsamic Vinegar Glazes are delicious with Ice Cream for Dessert. Now that Spring is finally here enjoy this with a glass of Port after a nice dinner. Enjoy!INGREDIENTS:Ice Cream of ChoiceFruit of ChoiceBalsamic Glaze of ChoiceSimply scoop out ice cream, top with fresh fruit then drizzle with your favorite balsamic glaze.

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Shad Roe is a highly seasonal product and only available at the onset of spring when the shad swims up river to spawn.Shad roe has been a part of the Virginia and Carolina coastal diet since pre-Colonial time.This delicious delicacy is the actual egg sack set of the shad fish.Shad roe is very fragile to handle and to cook.Historically, [...]

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