Here you can find all of the regulatory and administrative policies which govern the operations of and Great Atlantic Trading. These policies are normal for most gourmet import/export companies, but you should still read some the following to minimize any potential "surprises" after using our site
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SHIPPING AND RETURN POLICY - This is important to read and understand before placing an order. These policy rules should help you understand how to best arrange an order, how your shipment will be processed and what to do if you want to make a return and get a refund
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE - An in depth contract which protects our intellectual property and governs our customer's use of the features of
CHEF, DISTRIBUTOR, WHOLESALE AND INTERNATIONAL POLICY - For customers wanting a larger quantity of our products, this page will help you take steps to becoming a valued Great Atlantic partner. Also contains information on the policies of shipping products outside of the U.S. market
SUSTAINABILITY, CERTIFICATION AND GOVERNMENT REGULATION POLICY - A page containing our certifications from both government and private agencies, as well as the rules that Caviar Star and Great Atlantic Trading must follow in order to guarantee food safety for our customers and protect the environment for our planet