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Washington Smoked Trout Roe

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Cold Smoked rainbow trout caviar is made from fresh trout roe and then seasoned with sea salt and lightly smoked using apple and cherry wood to produce one of our most incredible palette pleasers. Farm raised in the Puget Sound, Our Trout roe has a delicate flavor & wonderful snappy finish.  It is available in its natural flavor or lightly cold smoked. Hand packed and quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture


Smoked Roe of Rainbow Trout - Oncorhynchus mykisscaviarstar-rainbow-trout-black-3-med.jpg



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Dan Agopsowicz 16th Dec 2016

Smoked Trout Review

Over the years I've enjoyed and served many domestic and imported varieties of caviar. I recently had paddlefish caviar and smoked trout roe from Caviar Star sent to California for a family occasion. Those new to caviar and those more experienced than I touted the superb quality of the paddlefish and the surprisingly delightful flavor of the trout. Service, shipping and advice were all perfect; I'll be doing this again and often. Many thanks to new caviar advisor!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Common Names:
Rainbow Trout, Steelhead (anadromous form), Black-Spotted Trout
Scientific Name:
Oncorhynchus Mykiss
Country of Origin:
Trout roe, sea salt
Product Type:
Fresh or Thawed, Non-pasteurized
Sustainable, Farm Raised
Regular product price:
$8.00 - $128.00
Borax Content:
Contains No Borax/Borates
Shelf Life:
4-6 weeks at 26° to 36° F
Egg Size:
Large (2 - 5 mm)
Flavor Profile:
Fresh, Mild, Clean
Egg Color:
Red, Orange, Yellow