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100 Year aged Balsamic Vinegar

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100 Year aged Balsamic Vinegar

The Reali Grand Vecchio is recognized as the "King of Balsamic Vinegars". This condiment has been through at least 100 annual transfers in barrels of oak, chestnut, ash, sherry, mulberry and juniper wood to bring its flavor to a most otherworldly state. The wonderful bittersweet flavors and dark brown appearance of Acetaia Reale's most prestigious handcrafted balsamic is the product of a recipe passed down father to son since 1896. 

It can be served "on a spoon" as an unusual aperitif, to aid in digestion or as a medication to exalt it's elegant fragrance and prolonged flavors. It is a true elixir that satisfies even the more exigent gourmets. Traditional uses of this 100 year old balsamic vinegar are with all gourmet foods such as fish, cooked meat, raw or cooked vegetables, cheese, sliced meats, ice cream and any fruit. This thick and sweet elixir is unquestionably the ultimate in balsamic vinegar for use in only very special situations.  A unique and amazing gift. 

Product aged in barrels. Produced and bottled by Acetaia Reale - Modena

Comes with certificate of authenticity

Numbered series - limited handcrafted edition: Bottle N 69/2013

Comes with balsamico food artisans recipe book

Contains sulphites


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grape must acetified
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