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Caviar Star is now offering its line-up of All-American caviar with fine accompaniments of blinis, creme fraiche and shell spoons for a complete caviar tasting experience. Build your own gift box for a loved one, or to indulge alongside family and friends.

Each American Star Gift Set includes:

(1) Caviar Star cooler bag and reusable ice pack, (2) shell caviar spoons, (1) choice of cocktail or mini blinis, (1) 4 oz jar of creme fraiche, and (1-2) choice of the following caviar in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz or 7 oz containers.

White Sturgeon Caviar$55/ozThis farm-raised sturgeon is highly regarded for the sustainable caviar it produces, with platinum to brown hues and generous sized pearls. The flavor is clean on the palate with fresh nuances complemented by a creamy, lingering finish.

Hackleback Caviar: $24/ozThis wild-caught caviar is small and firm with all the characteristics and tastes of the classic wild sturgeon. The pronounced flavor and glistening black eggs with hints of emeralds and gold makes Hackleback our most popular domestic sturgeon caviar.

Paddlefish Caviar: $20/ozOur fine paddlefish roe harvested from the Mississippi and White River systems ranges in color from light green to dark steel gray, and is comparable to Caspian Sea Sevruga in flavor. A very fine yet less expensive alternative to true sturgeon caviar!

Trout / Smoked Trout Caviar: $7-8/oz - The vibrant orange, medium size grains of our trout roe exude a crisp, briny tang. Our smoked trout roe is lightly salted and hickory smoked, leaving a lasting impression on the palette.

Salmon Caviar: $5/ozOur delicious salmon roe is sourced from the deep cold waters of the northern Pacific Ocean surrounding Alaska. The product is clean and sustainable, exploding with juicy sweetness and extraordinary flavor of the sea.


PERISHABLE - SHIPS FEDEX OVERNIGHT * shelf life of 4-6 weeks at 26° to 36° F


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Arthur Boothroyd Jan 11th 2019


Great value

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