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Black River Golden Osetra Caviar

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This premium golden colored Osetra caviar is the rarer product from the Russian Sturgeon. This quality roe, produced from sturgeon raised at our farm on the banks of the pristine waters of Uruguay's Rio Negro, roe is cured with the malossol or “little salt” method to enhance its superb flavor. It has an even larger grain than our Black River Siberian as well as a firm texture with a fresh, clean, nutty taste reminiscent of walnuts with a wonderfully creamy finish. We pride ourselves on consistent perfection and the only variance being a natural range in color from dark brown to grey to golden.

The key factors that contribute to the quality and sustainable nature of our caviar are the pristine waters of the Rio Negro and our strict technical and sanitary controls using high tech tractability all the way from the moment our sturgeon are born, when the caviar is produced and finally enjoyed at your table.


Imperial Caviar of Russian Sturgeon - Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Common Names:
Osetra Sturgeon, Russian Sturgeon, Diamond Sturgeon, Danube Sturgeon
Scientific Name:
Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii
Sustainable, Farm Raised
Country of Origin:
Regular Product Price:
$70.00 - $1,120.00
Shelf Life:
4-6 weeks at 26° to 36° F
Egg Size:
Flavor Profile:
Nutty, Smooth, Buttery
Egg Color:
Light amber, gold