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Florida Siberian Caviar

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Acipenser Baerii traditionally from the major Siberian river basins now are being farmed in the southeastern U.S. This sturgeon produces beautiful gems that exude an elegant buttery flavor and are sure to satisfy both the everyday epicure and the aspiring connoisseur.

The largest re-circulating aquaculture research facility in the U.S., carefully monitors every aspect of water quality and feed for their Siberian Sturgeon. The world-renowned Florida facility is an earth-friendly and technologically advanced aquaculture environment in which the sturgeon can thrive, while consistently producing medium-sized dark gray to black pearls with a silky mild taste. Buy and try quality, American products. Hand packed and quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture


Caviar of Siberian Sturgeon - Acipenser Baeriicaviarstar-siberian-black3-med.jpgClick here for videos and more information on the Siberian Sturgeon


Reviews (4)

Ruthie Dec 21st 2015

Excellent eco friendly caviar .

.. excellent tasting too .... A great value !!!

Nov 27th 2015

Excellent, Eco-friendly Caviar

We have been ordering Mote Caviar from farmed Siberian Sturgeon for years. We find its quality very high and its flavor and texture identical to the best Russian produced Caviar. A real treat at a decent price.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Common Names:
Siberian Sturgeon, Long Nose Sturgeon, Lena River Sturgeon
Scientific Name:
Acipenser Baerii
Sustainable, Farm Raised
Country of Origin:
Regular Product Price:
$65.00 - $1,040.00
Shelf Life:
4-6 weeks at 26° to 36° F
Egg Size:
Flavor Profile:
Silky, Clean, Light, Buttery
Egg Color:
Dark Brown