Verjus du Perigord

French Grapefruit Vinegar

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Green Grape Fruit Wine Vinegar - 26 fl oz (750 ml)

Fine, mildy acidic, wine vinegar made from the tart juice of unrippened green grapes. Adds a complex taste to any dish and enhances the flavors of all foods, savory to sweet, cooked and raw.

"Verjus" which means green juice, is obtained by pressing young wine grapes. During the Middle Ages it was widely use in Europe in sauces, condiments and for deglazing. Today it is mostly used in French, Persian and Syrian menu preparation and also as a substitute for lemon juice in salad dressings, in marinades or deglazing for pan sauces. Try some today with chicken, fish, pork and salads.

Must be stored in refrigerator or freezer after opening.

Le Grapillon Vert Verjus du Perigord from France.


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Additional Info

Green Grape Fruit Wine Vinegar
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26 fl oz (750 ml)
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