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This elegant caviar gift box includes a 4 ounce (113 gram) tin of fine imported caviar from sustainable farm-raised sturgeon, and a 4 inch (11 cm) mother of pearl caviar serving spoon. These small boxes are a delicious and luxurious present, perfect for Holiday and New Years celebrations or any other occasion calling for a high quality gift. Enjoy the world's finest caviar with your loved ones and give the golden gift!

Pick your caviar from the following selections:

Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerrii) - our top choice of Siberian caviar has small, elegant, charcoal-gray grains with robust flavor and a creamy texture. This traditional tasting caviar is a great value for fine true sturgeon roe.

Royal Osetra (Acipenset gueldenstaedtii) - delicious dark amber Osetra caviar, with its creamy texture and nutty flavor, is one of the finest sturgeon roes in the world. Good egg size and unique taste make it one of the world's most popular.

Imperial Osetra (Acipenset gueldenstaedtii) - a rarer product from only the most mature sturgeon, golden Osetra caviar is a real treat for special occasions. Only about 1 in 10 Russian sturgeon can ever produce these glorious light colored pearls, making it a hard to find delicacy. 




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