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Saba Vinegar

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Reali Saba Vinegar - 8.45 fl oz (250ml)

Mosto cotto (Saba) means "cooked grape juice" made from a sweet unfermented syrup made from the "must" of Trebbiano grapes. It is an unconcentrated pre-balsamic vinegar which provides a "caramelized grape" flavor.

The first news on cooked must date back to Ancient Egypt and Middle East, around 3000 B.C. Later on, the Greeks and Romans talk about it. These peoples were using the cooked must, called SABA, to sweeten drinks, vegetables and fruits, to flavor meat and courses in general. At the time, this was the most common sweetener, together with honey.

Recommended as a substitute for sugar or honey in the preparation of sweets, panna cotta, yogurt, sauces, etc. An excellent sweetener for direct use on any meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and salads.


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Additional Info

cooked grape must
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8.45 fl oz (250ml) glass bottle
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