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Spanish Saffron

Spanish Saffron The finest Spanish Saffron imported directly from Spain. A mere pinch of this saffron goes a long way to enhance the flavor and presentation of many dishes. Simply add a pinch to risotto, paella and sauces for seafood like...
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Unio Wine Vinegars

Unio Vinegar - 16.8 fl oz (500ml) glass bottle Unio Cabernet Vinegar Made from Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Full bodied, deep red and an aromatic fruity taste that combine harmoniously with Unio Extra Virgin Olive oils. Unio Moscatel...
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Smoked Paprika

Smoked Spanish Paprika - Hot or Sweet - 26.5 oz (750g) Spanish smoked paprika is produced in the La Vera Region. Over centuries, the Yuste monks kept their recepe a secret. It was not until the mid-19th century that they shared their secret with...
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Forum Spanish Wine Vinegar

Spanish Cabernet and Chardonnay Wine Vinegars - 500ml Just a few drops is enough to improve all your dishes, especially for those based around fish and seafood. It is ideal as a reduction and goes perfect with salads, cheese, sauces and many kinds...
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Cuttlefish Squid Ink

Edible Cuttlefish Ink - 90g (3.2 oz) or 500g (17.6 oz) glass jars Squid ink, also know as cephalopod or cuttlefish ink, is perfect for adding the flavor of the sea to your cuisine. Originally used as a writing tool by the ancient Greeks, the...
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Rainbow Trout Caviar

$7.00 - $43.00
This roe, from the finest farm-raised European rainbow trout, produces a pristine caviar with a mild and delicate flavor. The vibrant orange, medium size grains of our trout roe exude a crisp, briny tang. Best enjoyed on a blini or toast point,...
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Smoked Rainbow Trout Caviar

$8.00 - $56.00
Our smoked trout caviar is made from fresh trout roe, seasoned with sea salt and lightly smoked in order to produce one of the most incredible palate pleasers out there. The roe is processed with the perfect amount of hickory...
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Artisan Quince Paste

  Spanish Quince Paste - Castilla La Mancha Quince is a unique fruit that resembles a apple/pear hybrid. It's flesh is white until cooked when it turns a lovely dark apricot color. Artisan quince paste is the highest in quality made with the...


Spanish Flat Bread Tortas

Tortas - Crispy Flat Bread Crackers These Spanish, artisan, olive oil crisp flat bread tortas are hand made, one by one, with only all natural ingredients. They are delicately seasoned and over baked for a wonderful crispy texture and an unbelievably...