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Stainless Roll Top Caviar Server

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Stainless Steel Roll Top Caviar Server

This beautiful hand crafted roll top server will make a brilliant caviar presentation for your party. Unlike the silver which can tarnish, the 100% stainless steel construction of these servers makes it easy to keep them clean and shinny.

The server will hold from 1-6 ounces of your favorite caviar.  Fill the base with crushed ice and set the glass serving bowl or caviar jar or tin into the ice and enjoy.

Each individual server has been carefully handcrafted and is 100% stainless steel. 

Dimensions: 5" tall by 6" wide, glass server is 5" in diameter.

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Danguole - Jun 4th 2019


One of caviar server was damaged, my husband fix it.

Randolph Alamo Jan 5th 2019

Roll Top Caviar...

Roll Top Caviar Server

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