Wildflower Honey with Comb

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Buram Wildflower Honey with Comb - 8.45 oz (250g)

This amazing product is filled with honey equaling the life's work of thousands of bees, each golden cell brims with the concentrated nectar of thousands of rare and remote flowers. Honeybees make the comb directly in the housing which is then taken from the hive, hand cut, wrapped and delivered to your door to enjoy! 
Not only does its fantastic appearance make it a great conversation piece, but the sage honey that smothers the honeycomb, makes it an exquisite treat. Cut and drizzle it over some cheese and you've got a gourmet dessert that is served in some of the finest restaurants in the world. It's unique texture makes eating honeycomb a true experience. 

100% edible


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Additional Info

Wildflower honey, honey comb
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8.45 oz (250g)
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