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Caviar Star World Star compliments the finest imported caviar from around the world with the necessary blinis, creme fraiche and shell spoons for a complete caviar tasting experience. Build your own gift box for a loved one, or to indulge alongside family and friends.

Each World Star Gift Set includes:

(1) Caviar Star cooler bag and reusable ice pack, (2) shell caviar spoons, (1) choice of cocktail or mini blinis, (1) 4 oz jar of creme fraiche, and (1-2) choice of the following caviar in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz or 7 oz containers.

Golden Osetra Caviar: $65/oz - Being the rarest and highest quality roe from the famed Russian sturgeon, bright golden to light amber imperial Osetra is a true delicacy. With beautiful gems that exude an elegant, buttery flavor, this delightful malossol caviar will surely satisfy both the everyday epicure and the aspiring connoisseur.

Amber Osetra Caviar: $55/oz - With its pronounced traditional caviar flavor, Amber Osetra is revered for its firm texture and clean, nutty taste, reminiscent of walnuts. With a wonderfully creamy finish this is a treat you wont want to miss.

Siberian Caviar: $40/oz - If you like Caspian Sea Sevruga caviar, then this Siberian caviar with its small, elegant, charcoal-gray grains and robust flavor, low salt, and creamy texture, might be your new favorite.

Kaluga Hybrid Caviar: $65/oz - This "Imperial Beluga" is one of the closest to the banned Huso Huso, Caspian Beluga caviar, in terms of taste and appearance. In addition to being large in size and light in color, Kaluga Hybrid has an incredible delicate and buttery flavor and glistening finish.

Trout / Smoked Trout Caviar: $7-8/oz - The vibrant orange, medium size grains of our trout roe exude a crisp, briny tang. Our smoked trout roe is lightly salted and hickory smoked, leaving a lasting impression on the palette.


PERISHABLE - SHIPS FEDEX OVERNIGHT * shelf life of 4-6 weeks at 26° to 36° F


Reviews (5)

chik wong May 11th 2019


Caviar Star's Kaluga never disappoints. Probably the best caviar selection among all the excellent Caviar Star's offerings. It's creamy and does not have any fish taste. Not salty at all. Best is to eat it without anything along with a fine bottle of champagne. Beluga received in April 2019 was less saltier than the 2018 and it's very tasty. Can't go wrong with either Kaluga or Beluga. Derek has very good quality caviar. Make sure you select the Gift Set. It has good quality blini (pick the mini ones), creme fraiche, and oyster spoon; actually that creme fraiche is really good..

Andrea Cherie Buford Jan 15th 2019

A bit too...

A bit too salty

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