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American Bowfin Caviar

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Bowfin - (Amia Calva), better known by its Cajun name "Choupique" is not related to, but is even more ancient than the sturgeons. This bony fish yields a black roe with an earthy and distinctive flavor that makes a good, less expensive substitute for sturgeon caviar. Unlike sturgeon, bowfin roe will turn red if heated. Hand packed and quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture


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17th Nov 2015

Pretty good for the price.

This stuff is pretty tasty. While I would love nothing more than to gobble beluga off of an ivory spoon, warm up some blini, slather on some creme fraiche and ladle on some american bowfin at 4 bucks an ounce! While it lacks the subtle complexity of real sturgeon, the texture and pop are good and the flavor is quite pleasing. I tasted it side by side with American Bowfin and it held its own. Probably would avoid tasting at the same time as finer caviars. At this price, caviar doesn't have to be a luxury.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Common Names:
Bowfin, Mudfish, Mud pike, Dogfish, Griddle, Grinnel, Cypress Trout, Choupique
Scientific Name:
Amia Calva
Sustainable, Wild Caught
Country of Origin:
Regular product price:
$7.00 - $99.00
Shelf Life:
4-6 weeks at 26° to 36° F
Egg Size:
Flavor Profile:
Spicy, Robust, Tangy
Egg Color: