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NAVIGATION HELP                              

To sign into your account:


Click the account login icon at the top right hand side of any Caviar Star webpage


To view your cart


Click the basket icon at the top right hand side of any Caviar Star webpage


To browse/buy products from our store:

Click the "SHOP" drop down arrow to see the bold lettered categories and the subcategories below them.

Selecting and clicking on a category, such as "American Caviar" or "Specialty Products", will bring you to the that category's storefront, which displays all products in the selected category. Below the categories in the drop down menu, or in the "refine by" side bar of a category page, are the subcategories that narrow down the category options with more specific selections such as "Hackleback" or "Creme Fraiche". 

Once in the category and/or subcategory page, the "Shop by price" side bar tool to the left of the products allows the results to be refined within certain price ranges.

Using the "Sort By" drop down menu above the product showcase will rearrange the order of products based on which option is selected.

To view products using the default tiles view, click the thumbnail icon



To view products with description and rating, click the list icon



To submit an online order, please follow these steps:

Use the navigation tabs at the top of the webpage to select a product category

Click the desired product to open the product page

Choose the size and/or quantity to be purchased

Click the "add to basket" button between the quantity and product description. Every time you add an item to your basket/cart a new window will appear prompting you to proceed to checkout. You can select this option if you are done adding to your cart or click the X in the top right corner to continue shopping.

Continue shopping until the basket is filled with all desired products. To open your shopping cart click the basket icon located at the webpage's top right corner 

If ready to make payment, click "proceed to checkout" at either the top or bottom right. This will open the secure checkout page. You can also select the "checkout with paypal" to use paypal information for an express checkout.


The secure checkout is comprised of six steps:

1. Account details: Here you can choose the account you are going to use.

  • Guest: for one time customers or those who do not wish to make an account. This option requires all the necessary shipping and billing information but will not save any of it for easy checkout next time.                                                
  • Register an account: this will save your shipping and billing information for express checkout in the future. You will be asked to set-up a username and password. Credit card information will not be saved.                                                        
  • Returning customer: submit the username and password you registered for a faster checkout.

2. Billing details: The address associated with your credit card or paypal. We need an email address, phone number and full address to process an online order. If the billing address is the same as the address you want your product shipped to click the check box that says "I also want to ship to this address"

3. Shipping details: The address you are sending the product to. Make sure you fill out this section if the goods are going anywhere other than your billing address.

4. Shipping method: click the flat rate shipping option to continue

5. Order confirmation: Your order will be displayed in a table with the total including shipping.

  • Review the order and choose to pay with either paypal or credit card in the section "HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO PAY?".                                            
  • Also under your order total there is a box where you can type in codes for redeeming gift certificates and coupons. After you click "apply" your order total will be discounted if you have entered a usable gift certificate or coupon code.
  • In the next line there is a box for typing comments and special instructions. If there are any requests associated with your shipment please let us know by recording them here. Examples include "send order with card saying 'from bob with love'" or "hold shipment to be sent out on December 23rd." Anything you would like to tell us before we send your shipment should be written in this section.  
  • Finally, if you have set up an account you can subscribe to the newsletter by checking the box in the next line. The "HEAR FROM US VIA EMAIL" will sign you up to receive a monthly update on our new products and latest deals.

6. Payment details: If using a credit card enter the cardholder's name, credit card number, expiration date and security code to pay for the order. If using paypal you will be brought to to finish your order. Once the payment information is submitted the order is complete. 

Feel free to reach out to us for any additional assistance

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