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Our Unio Spanish Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive oil buttery, fruity and well balanced with a delicious apple flavor with a hint of artichoke. Unio has over 150 years of experience producing high quality olive oils and vinegars. Arequina olive oil its name from the village of Arbeca where it was first introduced to Europe from Palestine in the seventeenth century by the Duke of Medinaceli. Due to its elegance it soon became a favorite European olive oil variety. It can be used as a finishing oil, in marinades and dressings and for sautéing. Try some today!

RECIPE - Balsamic Glaze & Ice Cream

Balsamic Vinegar Glazes are delicious with Ice Cream for Dessert. Now that Spring is finally here enjoy this with a glass of Port after a nice dinner. Enjoy!INGREDIENTS:Ice Cream of ChoiceFruit of ChoiceBalsamic Glaze of ChoiceSimply scoop out ice cream, top with fresh fruit then drizzle with your favorite balsamic glaze.

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Shad Roe is a highly seasonal product and only available at the onset of spring when the shad swims up river to spawn.Shad roe has been a part of the Virginia and Carolina coastal diet since pre-Colonial time.This delicious delicacy is the actual egg sack set of the shad fish.Shad roe is very fragile to handle and to cook.Historically, [...]

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RECIPE - Mojama & Apple Salad

This is a delicious combination of our lightly salted air cured tuna mixed with fresh crispy tart or sweet apples and fresh chives.  It is great served as a starter or with fresh greens such as wild arugula or baby spinach. Bon Appetit!MOJAMA & APPLE SALAD(MAKES APPROXIMATELY 2 CUPS)INGREDIENT LISTMojama x 4 ounces, dicedApple, 1 each, [...]

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RECIPE - Bottarga Spaghetti with Lobster Oil & Espelette Pepper

(Serves 4)INGREDIENT LISTGood Spaghetti x 1lb (cook according to directions)Lobster Oil x ¼ cupFlorida Bottarga, shaved x ½ cupEspelette Pepper, ground x 4 tspGood Salt x to tasteINSTRUCTIONS1.Cook spaghetti according to directions, then drain2.While spaghetti is still warm, drizzle with lobster oil and toss3.Portion out four portions of pasta then top each with 2 Tbsp each of [...]

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About the only thing the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Black Sea have in common is the reference to color in their names. And yet, in Caldwell County NC, you’ll find an anonymous tucked away farm that produces one of the world’s most expensive delicacies.The farm is a compound of long red sheds nestled behind a cornfield. It is [...]

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Elle Esse Black Truffle Carpaccio & Cream Pasta (serves 6)

Recipe with Elle Esse Black Truffle Carpaccio. Fresh sliced black truffles and mushrooms mixed in fruity Umbrian olive oil. Perfect for adding amazing flavor to pasta dishes, risotto, sauces, or meat dishesINGREDIENT LIST Elle Esse Black Truffle Carpaccio x 1ozHeavy Cream x 3 cupsButter, Unsalted x 8 TbspShallot x 2ea, mincedGarlic Clove x 3ea, mincedWhite Wine, dry x 1 cupThyme x 1tspDry Pasta of choice [...]

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Caviar Star - Saba Menu Suggestions

Saba with its ancient Greco-Roman roots is known as “the first balsamic”. It is actually unfermenteted carmelized Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape juice and is becoming rediscovered with chefs everywhere for its sweet deliciousness. Use as a finishing drizzle on grilled meats, fish & fruit, all kinds of vegetables & salads and dairy products incuding cheese, yogurt and ice [...]

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Leonardi Balsamic Vinegars From Caviar Star

Caviar Star has always been dedicated to seeking out only the best for our clients. Our aged balsamic vinegars are no exception. I recently had the honor of touring Acetaia Leonardi, the producers of our balsamic vinegar from Modena. This ancient condiment provides a rich brown, velvety, and versatile balance of sweet and sour and we are proud to offer it [...]

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Gusto Emilia Parmesan From Caviar Star

Forget everything you think you know about Parmesan cheese. Gusto Emilia makes the most amazing Parmesan I have ever had the pleasure of tasting and now, we are excited to be able to offer to you.The cows that are used to make this unique cheese graze in the mountains and meadows with many varieties of fodder and flowers that give [...]

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