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Flavored French Wine Vinegar

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Edmond Fallot The Fallot family has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality, since 1840. Everyone knows vinegar is made from wine, and to make a fine vinegar, you need a fine wine. Fallot pays the utmost attention to the origin of the wines used and to the selection of flavors and essences added to their flavored vinegars. 

The use of vinegar stretches back into antiquity. Vinegar is mentioned in the Bible, the Hebrews knew about it and the Romans made a drink out of it. Its origin runs parallel with the time at which man started to use grape juice to make wine, and its discovery was probably due to a mistake in storing.

Walnut: 8.37 fl oz (250 ml) White Wine Vinegar with Walnut Extract is made from fine white wine vinegar (7%), premium walnut extract (2%) and preservatives. Walnut Flavored White Wine Vinegar can be blended with extra virgin olive oil and used as a vinaigrette for watercress or endive salads. Add Dijon mustard to a Walnut White Wine Vinaigrette and toss with celery root, carrots or fresh apples and pears sprinkled with roasted or caramelized walnuts for a mouthwatering side dish. 

Burgundy: 17 fl oz (500mL) Wine vinegar made from only French burgundy grapes.

Raspberry: 17 fl oz (500mL) Wine Vinegar with raspberry extract. 

Herbes de Provence: 8.37 fl oz (250mL) White wine vinegar with all natural herbs originating from France. This amazing vinegar has a wonderfully strong flavor that you can see is caused by the herbs de provence floating in the bottle. 

Merlot: 8.37 fl oz (250mL) Red wine vinegar made from fine French merlot. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: 17 fl oz (500mL) White wine vinegar infused with the sweetness of apple cider. A delectable choice for salad dressings.

Blackcurrant: 17 fl oz (500mL) Wine vinegar with a perfect amount of heat thanks to the blackcurrant pepper.

Shallot: 17 fl oz (500 mL) White wine vinegar with all natural shallots to create a most unique flavor.


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Additional Info

Wine vinegar
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8.37 fl oz (250mL) and 17 fl oz (500mL) glass bottles
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