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Agostino Recca

Anchovies in Sea Salt

Agostino Recca, from Sciacca, Sicily, has become one of the most reliable producers of anchovies now being imported into the United States. The Recca family is not a stranger to quality, flavor and tradition. These Recca Anchovies from Sicily are...
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Mojama - Hand Cured Tuna in Sea Salt

Mojama tuna fillet, dry-cured in sea salt, is a rare delicacy from Andalucía. Mojama is made by curing the tuna loins for two to three days (depending on size) then, similarly with Spanish cured ham the salt is washed off and the loins are...


Tuna Bottarga - Dried and Cured Tuna Fish Roe

Bottarga - Mediterranean Caviar - Dried and Cured Roe of The Yellowfin Tuna Dried and cured roe of the yellowfin tuna captures the essence of the sea, adding amazing brine flavor to any dish. Great for shaving over pasta, soups and chowders or any...


Cold Smoked Salmon Fume

Cold Smoked Salmon Fume - 8 oz or 1 lb Also known as the filet mignon of salmon, with a texture of butter enhanced by a whisper of wood smoke, Salmon Fume is the highest quality smoked fish meat available. This salmon loin is truly one of the...


Organic Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon

Thin Sliced Irish Cold Smoked Salmon - 8oz Try our award winning certified organic smoked salmon. This organic Irish smoked salmon is carefully handpicked from the cold, clean waters off the coast of Western Ireland. A Samaki specialty, this smoked...